ADVANCE-Purdue Research Team to host fall open house

Local Purdue colleagues are invited to attend our fall ADVANCE Research Open House on October 19. It will be held from 4-5 in the Elm and Walnut rooms of the West Lafayette Public Library, at 208 W. Columbia St in West Lafayette. Please note there is free public parking across the street from the library, and kids are always welcome both to the library and to our open house. We will have some light refreshments to share.

People are welcome to drop in and chat with ADVANCE Research Team members Dina Banerjee, Jordana Hoegh, Marisol Mercado Santiago, and Alice Pawley, or otherwise comment about our ADVANCE research projects, and will be invited to learn about potentially participating in our research studies, including our Academic Career Pathways study where we listen to people tell us their career stories, or through our Institutional Ethnography studies on Purdue’s parental leave policy or the colleges’ promotion and tenure policies.

In particular, we are interested in discussing alternative possible publication models, where people who contribute their stories to a research study as participants also get research credit for the research. If you are interested in discussing this with us, we particularly hope you’ll drop by.

We hope to see you on October 19!

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  1. I donĀ“t know if this an appropriate way to contact the group, but I thought I would give it a try. I have just finished my doctorate degree and am very interested in feminist engineering approaches, but to water and sanitation in developing countries. I would like to do further research on this topic realted to high and low technologies, but I am struggling to find any groups or people doing this. Could anyone in your group point me in the right directions?



  2. Hi Claire — RIFE group member Lindsey Nelson emailed you back a little while ago. Were you able to connect with her?

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