Research Briefs

For the published research FREE members have done as part of ADVANCE Purdue we also created research brief’s. Research briefs are short 1 page summaries of the key points of our published papers and what implications they have for practice. On this page we provide a list of the research briefs so you can quickly browse the main findings and take-away’s from these publications.



Beddoes, K., Schimpf, C. & Pawley, A. New Metaphors for New Understandings: Ontological Questions about Developing Grounded Theory in Engineering Education

Jones, K., Beddoes, K., Banerjee, D. & Pawley, A. Examining the Flexibility Bind in American Tenure and Promotion: An Institutional Ethnographic Approach


Beddoes, K. & Pawley, A. “Different People Have Different Priorities”: Work-family Balance, Gender, and the Discourse of Choice

Schimpf, C., Mercado Santiago, M., Hoegh, J., Banerjee, D. & Pawley A. STEM Faculty and Parental Leave: Understanding an Institutions’ Policy within a National Policy Context through Structuration Theory

Beddoes, K., Schimpf, C. & Pawley, A. Engaging Foucault to Better Understand Underrepresentation of Female Engineering Faculty


Schimpf, C. Mercado Santiago, M. & Pawley, A. Access and Definition: Exploring how STEM faculty, Department Head’s and University Policy Administrators Navigate
the Implementation of a Parental Leave Policy

Beddoes, K., Pawley, A. & Banerjee, D. Gendered Facets of Faculty Careers and Challenges to Engineering Education as an Inclusive Profession


Banerjee, D. & Pawley, A. Learning and Social Change: Using Interviews as Tools to Prompt Reflection on Practice

Mercado Santiago, M., Pawley, A., Hoegh, J. & Banerjee, D. Institutional Ethnography as a Method to Understand the Career and Parental Leave Experiences of STEM Faculty Members

Pawley, A. & Hoegh, J. Exploding Pipelines: Mythological Metaphors Structuring Diversity-oriented Engineering Education Research Agendas


Hoegh, J. & Pawley, A. Modeling the Career Pathways of Women STEM Faculty through Oral Histories and Participatory Research Methods

Banerjee, D. & Pawley, A. Institutional Ethnography: A Research Method to Investigate the Work-life Experiences of Women Faculty Members in
STEM Disciplines

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