Alice at NSBE conference in Pittsburgh for CAREER project

I am in Pittsburgh at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Convention to collect interesting stories from undergrad engineering students (or recent grads). Interested in participating? Visit this page. Interested in learning more? More information at this link. Can’t wait to hear some interesting stories and learn from small numbers!

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Alice profiled for Women’s History Month

Alice was honoured by being recognized by Purdue as part of their Women’s History Month celebration. Check out her profile here!

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Alice co-edited a book on Engineering and Social Justice!

Caroline Baille, Alice Pawley and Donna Riley co-edited a book of an exciting set of innovative and original work on engineering and social justice, called Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond.  You can get a copy of the book here  from Purdue University Press (the electronic versions are half the price of the physical copy) and see a video of Alice being interviewed about the book here!

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Alice has co-authored paper in special anniversary issue of Journal of SWE!

Alice’s co-authored paper with Karen Tonso is now out electronically. Read it online or print it to pdf here. What? You never heard of the Journal of the Society of Women Engineers? Well, it began in 1951, had 4 issues, then seemed to die… but they revived it as part of SWE’s 60th anniversary. The whole volume is chock full of good stuff. Enjoy!

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At SWE #WE11 to collect your stories!

Alice is at the SWE National Conference to collect interviews for her CAREER project, Learning from Small Numbers. We are looking for interesting stories! If you’re interested in possibly sharing your story with us, learn more about the study and how to contact Alice here.

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Alice in the news

Alice has had the good fortune to be mentioned in two recent posts online – this Inside Science article about the new more family-friendly NSF policies, and this post by new colleague and SciAm blogger Kate Clancy, whom Alice met at the recent 2nd Purdue Conference for Pre-Tenure Women.  Thanks for the shout-outs!

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Welcome visitors!

I just checked Analytics for the first time (like, ever) for this blog, and we have apparently had over 1000 people visit this website. AWESOME! Welcome, folks, and we hope you find what you’re looking for. Let any of us know if we can be of more help!

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How to get things done – a semestrial recommitment

I feel like I am always in a battle to focus on things that matter. A battle with myself, usually – with email, my long to-do list, and my too-large list of projects – but also sometimes with people I really like – students, colleagues, people with whom I wish I could collaborate. I find every semester that I need to give myself a reminder to focus on the things that matter – which sometimes are my email, and sometimes are all those cool people, but not always. Here’s a slideshow (care of the incomparable Merlin Mann of that I revisit every semester to help me remember how to do this.

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RIFE paper in Reflective Practice, August issue

Dina and Alice have a paper coming out in Reflective Practice in August 2011!

Abstract: This paper argues that interviewing is a process in which interviewees can reflect on critical decisions about their academic careers. Reflective practice is a course of action where a person ponders significant incidents in her or his life. In so doing, she or he can make critical decisions about her or his own well-being. Drawing on our experiences collecting qualitative data for ADVANCE Purdue, an NSF-funded project to increase the number and success of women faculty in STEM academic disciplines, we illustrate how interviews triggered our interviewees to think differently about accessing or interpreting promotion and tenure policies of the university. Hence, we argue that interviews can be considered as a form of reflective practice where interviewees decide to take alternative actions to enhance their well-being. In this paper, we ask: (a) how do interviews trigger new realizations among interviewees? (b) how do interviews act as agents of potential social change? Data are derived from semi-structured interviews with faculty members from science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and agriculture disciplines at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. We interpret the data qualitatively in the context of reflective practice.

2011. Banerjee, Dina, Alice L. Pawley. “Learning and Social Change: Using Interviews as Tools to Prompt Reflective Practice.” Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 12(4) pp. 441-455. Paper through journal.

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Canek presents at SROP/BRIDGE

RIFE group member Canek Phillips presented his preliminary work on revising his NSF graduate research fellowship proposal at the final presentation day for the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) associated with AGEP-BRIDGE.

See his presentation here. (Coming soon.)

Canek presents at SROP

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