New group members Corey Schimpf and Canek Phillips

We are so pleased to welcome two new researchers to RIFE. Corey Schimpf is a second-year engineering education graduate student with a background in sociology who joined the group in May. Corey has been working on the Gender and JEE project and will be shifting to ADVANCE this fall; you can read more about Corey here. Canek Phillips is a new engineering education graduate student with a background in mechanical engineering; you can read more about Canek here.

Welcome, both!

Feminist research in engineering education: practice as an academic

The Research in Feminist Engineering research group is a group of diverse researchers who use feminist theory and methods to study engineering education. Our collective job is to think creatively about gender and engineering education, and to think about, write, and teach in ways that will result in a change in how engineering education is done. As a result, we have a variety of research projects that we work on, using research methods from applied anthropology, education, sociology, and women’s studies to better understand the context and practice of engineering education. Team PI Alice Pawley, assistant professor in the School of Engineering Education will speak about her research group’s work, as well as situate her academic practice as feminist in the context of her teaching and service.

This talk will be held Wednesday Nov 3, 4:30-5:30 in Wetherill Hall, rm 201.

Group member Srinivasan graduates to being first RIFE alumnae

We are so sad that group postdoc Saranya Srinivasan will be moving on to other things back home in India in August. Members in town toasted to new things for her with gelato earlier this week. We’ll miss you, Saranya! But on the other hand, we will be glad to have a friendly place to stay when we come visit India sometime… 🙂

Photo of 6 RIFE group members
RIFE Group after Greyhouse gelato