Welcome to the Feminist Research in Engineering Education research group website!

The goal of the FREE research group is to do research, teaching and outreach that helps people (students, the public, engineering colleagues, and other engineering education researchers) develop a more inclusive, engaged, and socially just vision of engineering education.  We do this with a belief in and commitment to the idea that engineering education can and should be a means to develop more engaged citizens.

The philosophy of the FREE research group is that we do what we can to say what needs to be said, that we hold our community in high esteem as we might with a religion, that wasting time, effort and energy is a form of disrespect of ourselves and of others, and that noticing daily details of ourselves and others helps honour each of us as human beings.

We’re hibernating a little at the moment – all the students have graduated and the post-docs have moved on, and Dr. Pawley is spending some time regrouping around new projects.  We are not hiring anyone at the moment, but read up on our work and keep in touch with us through the modes below.  Thanks for visiting!

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